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Everything You Want, Discover It in Tokyo

Only in Tokyo

Tokyo carries items hard to find anywhere else in the world.
Treasure hunting in this city promises to satisfy even the most seasoned shoppers.

Pick up art from all over the world!


Photo provided by: SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO

SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO is the museum shop in a beautiful glass building that looks like a work of art itself—the National Art Center, Tokyo, in Roppongi. The shop doesn’t merely carry typical museum gifts. The products lining the shelves range from artistic stationery to home accessories to kitchen utensils, all of which emanate the limitless energy of artists and designers from around the world. Since the goods are displayed like art as in a museum, they’re a delight to the eyes of serious shoppers and window-shoppers alike.

Pop miscellanea inspired by the world of manga and anime

Tokyo's Tokyo

Tokyo’s Tokyo first gained popularity as a gift shop at Haneda Airport. The store at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is presented under the theme “new encounters with manga and anime.”
It houses a wide assortment of goods from stationery to fashion accessories, all inspired by celebrated manga and anime works. There are rings, for example, designed with the Japanese characters representing sound effects in a certain work of manga, and plastic models of airships in the corner featuring a work of anime whose main character flies an airplane.
With the products displayed alongside the original comic books, the store offers a shopping experience that feels as if you’ve jumped into the world of manga.

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Two-century-old merchant of Japanese washi paper


Haibara is a producer and merchant of washi paper with a history of more than two centuries dating back to its founding in 1806 in the Nihombashi area. The store carries washi made from paper mulberry (hoshogami) and gampi (gampishi), block-printed paper (chiyogami), and Japanese stationery supplies such as cash gift envelopes (shugi-bukuro).
Haibara’s washi is said to have influenced countless painters including Yumeji Takehisa. In 2012, the Jabara series of accordion-style letter paper, which can be torn along the perforated folding line to suit the length of the message, won a Good Design Award for fusing the idea of traditional Japanese makigami rolled paper with modern technology.
A message sent on this handmade washi is sure to arrive with the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship.

Comprehensive beauty salon by Japan’s prestigious brand


SHISEIDO THE GINZA is a comprehensive beauty salon run by the Japanese cosmetics brand. In line with the concept “Meet the New You,” it responds to visitors’ requests and suggests new makeup possibilities through paid counseling sessions using the products of the Shiseido Group.
The first to third floors feature a Beauty Marché for selecting cosmetics suited to each customer, a Bihada Lounge that offers tips on skin care and base makeup, a hair and makeup salon, a photo studio, and more.
Schedule a visit for the chance to discover the hidden beauty in you.